• Asial - Shoe Company

    It produces high quality women's and men's footwear and one of the companies in the area to apply the Bologna methods, Strobbel.

  • Shoe Factory

    Asial Industria de Calçado is owned by the, currently one of the largest footwear manufacturers in Portugal.


Asial - Indústria de Calçado

The Asial - Indústria de Calçado, currently one of the biggest shoe manufacturers in Portugal, founded in 1989, is renowned for high quality footwear for men and women.

Continuous investment in Technology, Training and Human resource development and in innovative concepts and design research filled our 30 year existence with successes and answers to our customers and markets demands. With a mostly oriented strategy for the foreign markets, the company has overcome successive challenges, consolidating its competitive position in the footwear industry.

Quality policy

Norma NP EN ISO 9001

  • Research & design

    It is the starting point of each ASIAL GROUP created model.

    The place where all projects are born.

    That s where trend hunters research, improve ideas and launch new fashion trends.

    The design office gets inspiration on customers, fashion icons, experiences and behaviours of different urban tribes.

  • Warehouse

    The place for footwear components - leather, insoles, soles, eyelets, etc. (specially selected for the production of ASIAL GROUP shoes) coming from more than 100 suppliers.

    Some of these skin leathers cover more than 7500 km to get here and start to be worked.

  • Modeling

    All ASIAL GROUP models start at a paper version and at a two-dimensional format.

    In this traditional process, the mold of the shoe is designed and the modeler cuts it piece by piece with the exact measurements.

    The combination between the design and the modeler culminates in a perfect work.

  • Prototyping

    It is the laboratory of ASIAL GROUP. Here, all drawings are transformed into three dimensional creations.

    Everything is tested, all the improvement possibilities are analyzed, several compositions are made, the best designs are choosen and the green light for production is given.

    Here we develop every first ASIAL GROUP model.

  • Cutting

    The production begins at this stage.

    The pieces of leather or other material are cut according to the molds previously worked with strict accuracy.

  • Skivers and designers

    After cutting, the parts are skived to be thinner where the stitching will take.

    All skin details are worked up, the insole thickness, for instance, and the seams marking.

    This work regards the foot anatomy increasing the quality and comfort of ASIAL GROUP shoes.

  • Sewing

    The parts that were cut, skived and marked previously, are sewed together here.

    It is not easy to count how many stitches and stitches are needed to make ASIAL GROUP shoes.

  • Assembly

    After sewing the skins, the upper will be stitched on the last to get the final form.

    Meanwhile, they put toe caps, counters, Cambres, interlining and the soles.
    They set up the material and nail up the counters.
    They use ovens at very high temperatures to shape the skin and then the shoes still go through carding.
    The carding process is basically the cleaning irregular points that exist before application of the sole.
    If necessary they can pamper the shoe a little more, giving it a little more heat to work perfectly.

    This mostly handmade and handcraft process highly values this specific production.

  • Finishing

    Shoe is removed from the last.

    Then it is painted, polished or waxed.

    Glue leftovers and any impurity are removed and the insole, the laces and other components are placed on.

  • Packing

    Here footwear receive the latest "pampering".

    The final presentation of the shoes is carefully cared before being sent to the store and receive many compliments from those who see you wearing it.

  • Research & design
  • Warehouse
  • Modeling
  • Prototyping
  • Cutting
  • Skivers and designers
  • Sewing
  • Assembly
  • Finishing
  • Packing

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Asial - Industria de Calçado, Lda.  Telephone:
Rua da Boca, N. 152, 4815-640 Vizela
 (+351)  253 054 600